Department of Homeland Security Consulting Services

The Max Cybersecurity Consulting team have years of experience supporting international and national initiative to protect the nation.  Our leaders have served as principles in the development of systems and relationships assuring risk reduction partnerships.  Our CEO, Mike Echols maintains relationships and insights to support organizations seeking to do business with the Department of Homeland Security. 

Mr. Echols spent 10 years in critical infrastructure protection and cybersecurity leadership at the DHS.  He designed TSA security programs for three years following 9/11.  Mr. Echols also led several White House national security initiatives before resigning his position in September 2016.

Among his leadership accomplishments at DHS, Mr. Echols served as:

  • Point person for the rollout of Presidential Executive Order 13691 for President Obama.
  • Chair of the Communications Sector – one of 16 U.S. Critical Sectors.
  • Chair of the Network Security Information Exchange.
  • Designated Federal Official for the President’s NSTAC – 30 CEO level members from Defense, IT and Comm Sector companies making recommendations to the President.
  • Developed the national GPS backup requirement analysis.
  • The U.S. Representative to the NATO CCPC in Brussels.