Why small business are not serious about their Cyber security

In 2018, https://maxcybersecurity.com/cybersecurity is a quintessential part of any and all businesses. Yet, for some reason, small businesses continue to sidestep investing in cybersecurity systems and training. The risk of experiencing a cybersecurity breach doesn’t seem to hit their radar.  And even as the Verizon Breach Report and many others declare small businesses are the main target […]

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Cyber Threat Information Sharing

Cybersecurity Public-Private Partnership It is pretty clear that the public-private partnership is a key element in the foundation of effective critical infrastructure protection and other national resilience strategies.  The public-private partnership enables private sector entities to build their own capacity through data-sharing with the Government. This enables the sharing of accurate, relevant, and timely multi-directional sources

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States Say Cybersecurity Is Our Business

States Say Cybersecurity is Our Business The federal government has been dragging its feet when it comes to addressing cybersecurity concerns.  Federal legislation has been slow to come, and state governments have been developing their own approaches.  Several bills have been introduced and co-sponsored by members of Congress on both sides of the aisle. However,

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