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Micro Grid Development and Construction
Micro Grid Development and Construction
Micro Grid Development and Construction
Micro Grid Development and Construction

MAX (dba MAX Services) has extensive experience working in Puerto Rico and globally to develop power system and capital projects.  MAX Services stands ready to assist is the recovery of power capabilities from catastrophic events. We are national planners and have staffed FEMA response efforts across the years. Our solutions include traditional solar, wind, Combined Heat & Power (CHP), and fuel cell solutions. Throughout the past years, our team has developed a deep array of relationships in the industry which allows them to quickly respond to bring your organization back on-line with innovative electrical systems. Available and Ready to Deploy Trained Power Engineers and Surveyors Support Equipment Generators up to 30 Mega Watts.

Max brings together world-class service professionals that are recognized as the valued leader on the topics of disaster management and Government support. Our team has participated in the response to disasters and recovery efforts across the United States. We have designed systems, performed assessments and assisted Federal, State and local entities to assure these entities receive the quality expected from purchases of materials and services.

Our 100 engineers in Puerto Rico delivered both planning and execution of FEMA’s requirements with quality assessment expertise. Combining passion for our work with industry expertise and innovative analytics, we deliver compelling results throughout the entire program life cycle. The Max team was the only contractor providing quality assessments. In total, MAX engineers have performed more than 2000 assessments and were the primary organization accounting for materials under the purview of the US Army Corp of Engineers.

The MAX Methodology:

  • Technology and Site Selection – the most important aspect of any successful energy project is the selection of energy technology and the site to place the energy systems. The analysis includes natural gas turbines, natural gas microturbines, diesel reciprocating engines, natural gas reciprocating engines, solar with & without battery backup, wind, fuel cells, and battery storage systems.
  • Project economics are carefully vetted based on internal modeling of the “real world” cost of energy even in an emergency.
  • Our Team successfully operates by utilizing a strong partner base which allows us to quickly design the best system for your situation, install these systems, build supply chains for fuel sources if needed, and operating systems.

The MAX Team expertise and experience includes:

  • Technology concept and selection aimed at maximizing returns for specific project parameters, whether returns are measured in dollars or downtime;
  • Development/application/procurement of vital permits (air, water, land use) – working cooperatively, efficiently and productively with key stakeholders, including the procurement of emergency permits; and
  • Negotiation/execution of key project agreements such as E&C, gas supply and midstream partners.

The MAX Team:

  • Constructs multiple solar, CHP, and fuel cell systems in the Northeast with clients ranging from glass manufacturers, universities, and paper mills;
  • Oversaw the design, build, operate procedures of multiple projects at the same time with a range of success criteria, from cheapest possible to the fastest possible;
  • Sources the materials and manpower needed to accomplish projects in an expedited fashion with an ear towards quality, cost, and timing;
  • Applied for and received multiple incentive packages from Local, State, and Federal sources to allow for the most cost-effective approach to energy system finance; and
  • Reconstituted and implemented the power grids in West Africa and several other developing nations.