National Security and Cybersecurity Policy:

  • MAX has a team of leaders and subject matter experts to promptly identify illicit cyber activity that may cause harm and decrease the value to businesses and Government entities. With over 15 years of national security experience, our leadership recognizes the need for a balance between convenience and security.  For the last 10 years the leaders at MAX have created national policy supporting resilience programs. Executive Order implementation, Grants Management and Requirements Development are just a few of the areas of expertise MAX provides to our clients.
  • With growing advances in technology and the rising accessibility to high-speed information technology systems, we are plagued with significant cybersecurity and national security risks. As a result, the number of malicious actors posing serious threats to the United States has increased, and so have their efforts to exploit cyberspace.
  • The remnants of a widespread cyber exploit are often only obvious to experts.  Digital destruction cascading across our lives is hidden, unlike the shredding of physical infrastructure we would all witness from a bomb blast.  Although the consequence from a digital exploit may be as damaging, it may go unnoticed or be underestimated in initial assessments. Thus, the importance of strategically creating smart policies and training that supports a culture of cybersecurity.

The world will continue to become digitized with potential for a successful cyber event delivering greater consequences.  MAX supports real cyber preparedness for our new digital world and has turnkey training systems to enhance threat awareness.  Our hands-on experience and direct experience leading national preparedness efforts to assist our clients to avoid life-altering and business-ending disruption.

The Internet and information communication technologies (ICTs) are essential for economic and social development and form a critical infrastructure. In a general context of economic downturn, the open Internet and ICTs are a new source of growth and a driver for innovation, social well-being and individual expression. As the Internet economy grows, the whole economy and society, including governments, become increasingly reliant on this digital infrastructure to perform their essential functions. We are just entering the age of convergence where policies with excepting for civil liberties will need to be developed or honed.

Education is critical, from the Board of Director to the security guard.  MAX is uniquely positioned to support project and program management efforts underpinning these efforts.  Neither Federal or private sector information systems are exempt from the impacts cybercrime poses. A marriage of policy, leadership, strategy and planning is required to lower the risk environment.  MAX has the in-house skillsets that will assure successful completion of products/services supporting your goals.

Your effective and efficient approach to producing and administering national security and cybersecurity policy will come from experience.  The Max Team has worked with the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Defense and the Federal Bureau of Investigations. Out team delivers.  When the job has to be done and done the first time can you afford to leave it to inexperienced teams who may be guessing?

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