The world is becoming increasingly dependent on the Internet for daily conveniences, economic prosperity, and critical services. Internet access has enabled people to pursue widespread opportunities and innovations. However, these new overwhelming levels of connectivity have created greater cyber risks across the United States. Too many exploits than we can count threaten our national security.

The digital environment is a breeding ground for hackers, terrorists, nation-states, and transnational criminal organizations looking for potential vulnerabilities that can be exploited for personal gain. This includes advancing geopolitics, gaining territories, crumbling democracies, money, and more. One thing is clear, malicious behavior in cyberspace can destabilize defense mechanisms set up at home and abroad.

Growing numbers of Internet of Things (IoT) – connected devices contribute to an expanding surface area for cyber-attacks. Critical infrastructure, for instance, is a prime target for malicious actors who aim to threaten the homeland security of the U.S., which is also a subset of national security. As skilled adversaries strike in more deviant patterns, our national security is at stake.

Developing Effective Strategies and Policies 

Developing national cybersecurity policies and strategies is vital to keeping our homeland safe. Though it is much more difficult to see the dangers posed by cyber threats as compared to physical threats, we must not be fooled into believing they do not exist. Appropriate guidance and leadership from government officials will enable us to take the appropriate measures to secure our digital lives and footprints that we leave behind. However, the responsibility to secure our nation from cyber threats does not solely rest on the government or IT professionals. A united front, cross-sector partnerships, and a sense of awareness will keep Americans ahead of their adversaries.

The Department of Homeland Security strategy states, “Our daily life, economic vitality, and national security depend on a stable, safe, and resilient cyberspace.” Max Cybersecurity recognizes the power of effective leadership, meaningful policies, and teamwork. Our team’s unique experiences in building cyber strategies and resiliency for both the public and private sector has led us to create exemplary models across Communications, IT, and other critical sectors. We understand the precision and importance of has aligning risk management strategies between operations, policy, and tactics to support the evolving hazards to the nation. Max Cybersecurity employs seasoned leaders with the ability to unite many of the moving parts surrounding cybersecurity to create a sound national security strategy. Our team values the input of our industry experts, academics, and government officials. Let us help you to develop a well-rounded strategy and set of policies that will ensure the safety of your organizations.